Enneagram #8 The Challenger

hey guys super excited to be with you man as we literally are almost wrapping up our series here in a series called you I want to welcome all of our guests man so glad that you came to Sal’s Church this weekend look I would love to be with you guys personally but this weekend I’m in Hawaii so you can be praying for me that my seven doesn’t get out of control as I compete in the Ironman and that my wife’s six does not freak out and kill me kill all of us because the island is exploding so today we’re gonna look at the eight the Challenger literally if you’re an eight let’s just know we love you we care for you we need you a lot of people when they score and they see eight they’re like oh my gosh I’m that person that everybody’s afraid of are intimidated by and so I just want you to know that God made you designed you and you are amazing especially if we can get you into the healthy category of the eight God wants to use you so we’re gonna talk about the eight today but before we do we got to jump in and look at why we needed a challenger in this story there are many many eights in the Bible and God uses them to do incredible things so last weekend we talked about the seven David who’s the enthusiast he’s excited he danced before the Lord naked and unfortunately got a little excited about a married woman named Bathsheba and so here what happens he he gets with Bathsheba they get together she becomes pregnant sends him a note and so now he’s got to figure out how to fix this problem because he is the king of Israel has impregnated a married woman and this woman’s husband is off fighting for him on the battlefield so he’s fighting for David’s kingdom and so the Bible is very very clear that David does a lot of nasty stuff he just does he’s impulsive he’s reckless and he gets really really unhealthy trying to cover up his sin so the first thing he does is he invites literally your ayah the Hittite back from the battlefield and says hey come back we appreciate all of your faithfulness and loyalty and I want you to come back and have some R&R with your wife well Uriah is a good guy and he refuses to go to his home sleep with his wife because here’s his thinking look my buddies my comrades out on the battlefield they’re not with their wives they don’t get to sleep at home and so he sleeps outside in a tent remembering his comrades back out on the field and so David tries to do something else invites him to the palace gets him drunk hopefully he’ll go back and be with his wife still won’t do it so David literally is in a conundrum so instead of doing the right thing confess his sin he literally gives Uriah a note and he says take this to Joab when you go back on the battlefield think about this he gives him a note and here’s what the note says make sure your Raya dies how terrible is that right David is gonna kill this loyal guide to his kingdom just to cover up a sin and so unfortunately for Uriah it happens he dies in the battlefield and David feels like everything’s good it’s all good I got away with it and here’s the thing you need to know about sin you might fool me you might fool the police you might fool your friends you cannot fool God and so God literally ordains a challenger nation to come into the situation and challenge David for a sin so let’s take a look around were in 2nd samuel chapter 12 verses 1 through 13 it says so the Lord sent Nathan the prophet to tell David this story so here’s a very very healthy 8th he’s going to kind of have some nuance to his confrontation he says hey David there were two men in a certain town one was rich and one was poor the rich man owned a great many sheep and cattle the poor man owned nothing but one little lamb he had bought he raised that little lamb and grew up in a grew up with his children it ate from the man’s own plate and drank from his own cup he cuddled in his arms like a baby daughter one day a guest arrived at the home of a rich man but instead of killing an animal from his own flock or herd he took literally liveth he took the poor man’s lamb and killed it and prepared it for his guests David’s furious this is ridiculous who would do something like this man this guy look what it says as surely as the Lord lives he vowed any man who would do such a thing deserves to die which is a little over the top which enthusiasts can be because you know you know give somebody the death penalty because they killed your pet look maybe put him in prison give him some counseling but you don’t give somebody the death penalty because they killed your dog but David loses his mind he said he must repay for lambs to the poor man for the one he stole for having no pity then this next verse verse 7 is one of the greatest moments in scripture the Nathan said to David you are that man so here’s David he’s all furious he’s all fired up this guy’s got to die and Nathan says you’re that guy the Lord the God of Israel says i anointed you king of Israel and I saved you from the power of Saul I gave you your masters house and his wives and the Kingdom of Israel and of Judah and if that had not been enough I would have given you much much more why then have you despised the word of the Lord and done this horrible deed for you have murdered Uriah the Hittite with the sword of the ammonites and stolen his wife mm-hmm from this time on man it just this is rough from this time on your family will live by this sword because you have despised me my taking your rise wife to be your own then David confessed to Nathan I have sinned against the Lord and he got a love a challenger and Nathan replied yeah you did but the Lord has forgiven you and you won’t die for this sin man this is just one of the greatest showdowns in the Bible this is like the okay Corral in Phoenix man you have the king of Israel all his might and all his power and you have literally Nathan the Challenger so if you’re a challenger or you know somebody that’s a challenger write this down the Challenger reflects God’s power now some of you are raising little challengers and every single day they defy you they challenge you they push against you don’t give up don’t give in know that God has made them powerful for a reason their challengers they challenge rules they challenge you know your thinking your ideas they challenge education they challenge everything this is how God has wired them when healthy here’s the beauty of a challenger a challenger is strong and confident man in our world today where people don’t know what they want to do or what they want to be man a challenger knows what they want to do and they know what they need you to do they’re very very clear they’re strong they’re confident they’re not wishy-washy they’re not moved by the ever-changing current of culture they know who they and what they’re about you see the eight is not led by the heart or the head but by instinct they just know what’s right what’s wrong and they know what they’ve got to do here’s just some more of the beauty of a healthy eight they want to see the world be more write this down more just we need more justice in this world we need people that will stand up for people who don’t have a voice for people who are not heard if you want to think about great eights in our culture Martin Luther King jr.

The Reverend was an eighth and he said look black people are not being treated fairly this is wrong this is unjust and he stood up to the most powerful nation on earth and said we need to treat people with equality absolutely beautiful you think about Winston Churchill when literally Hitler had destroyed all of Europe man all of Europe was literally bowing down to the power and the weaponry of Germany of Nazi Germany and then you have Winston Churchill who says this and think about it England is defeated they’re broken down they have no chance they have no hope and think about this healthy ates beautiful beautiful powerful phrase he says we’ll fight them in the air we’ll fight them in the sea we’ll fight him on the land we’ll fight them in the streets listen these words we will never ever ever surrender and he galvanized the nation and not only that but he inspired the United States who at the time was kind of wavering on what we were supposed to do he inspired us to get involved and stand up for what was right and just and true now here’s the thing you need to know about an 8-man they communicate directly directly you are that man right beautiful story very very creative but look you’re the one and you didn’t take some guys little lamb you stole a guy’s wife David you have all kinds of women you have all kinds you have wives you have concubines you have all this stuff Uriah he has won won and so he communicates directly and here’s how Nathan the prophet many of you haven’t seen this in the text just as Martin Luther King talked about literally the discrepancy between how blacks in America were treated in comparison to whites many of you missed this in the story Uriah is not Jewish he’s a Hittite he’s from another nation he’s from another land he’s a foreigner in the country and this kind of gives David permission to treat him differently because he’s not a child of Israel and Nathan says God cares about all people and you have killed this guy who’s a foreigner from another country but he’s fighting in your army he’s fighting for your cause so they communicate directly next when healthy they lead and influence others to get things done to get things done man they want to get stuff done they want stuff to happen they do great things literally they can take businesses or colleges literally from the brink of disaster in bankruptcy and turn them around into great great things man is scraped eight I think is Steve Jobs literally he started the company of Apple but he got a little unhealthy and so they kicked him out and then it went down and then they brought him back and he galvanizes them and one of my favorite speeches he gets gives us when he comes back yes all the engineers just what’s wrong with Apple and everybody’s like kind of murmuring and goes here’s what’s wrong our product sucks it’s wrong it’s terrible here’s what’s happened and it takes leaders like that to speak directly and to lead and influence others to get things done and that’s what I love about eights they don’t they don’t beat around the bush man they’re just direct they’re very very clear here’s the problem here’s what we need to do and here’s how we can change things next they’re protective for those who may see as vulnerable just like Nathan spoke up for the Hittite Martin Luther King spoke up for blacks in America literally Churchill spoke for the free world he said this isn’t just about us this is about freedom everywhere this is literally we’re fighting against evil and they’re protective of those as they see as vulnerable oftentimes eighths are compared to an egg so there’s a hard shell on the outside but they’re mushy on the inside and what they’re mushy on the inside for is people that they see as vulnerable they’re God’s gift to us to protect those of us who may be or aren’t powerful who aren’t strong who don’t have a voice so a healthy eight and this is key if you’re an eight are always in pursuit of tenderness and mercy so if you’re an eight and you’re healthy you’re gonna be tender you’re gonna be merciful one of my kids has strong strong eight and I’m constantly saying be tender be tender be tender be soft be soft be soft because you know if you’re raising a kid that that’s an eight they’re gonna have a hard time petting the dog they’re gonna grab the dog and move them where they want be tender be soft don’t hurt him be gentle and that’s just how the Eight’s kind of are is they’re just strong individuals and so they have to pursue tenderness and mercy now what happens when you’re an eight and you shift to the unhealthy side we see how God uses Nathan the Prophet to speak truth into David when unhealthy the eight uses power to dominate others to get things done their way so David probably has some eight you know if you could take our test he probably has PI eight maybe seven wing eight so when he uses his power he uses it to dominate and get what he wants and that includes killing your ayah the Hittite who’s been faithful to him so as an eight you got to really really be careful that you don’t use your power for your gain you got to use it for good things you got to use it for mercy tenderness you gotta use it for people that don’t have a voice use unhealthy they use power to dominate others to get things done their way next this is huge for Nate one on health went unhealthy at all costs they don’t want to be vulnerable they don’t want to be vulnerable they don’t want to share what’s going on they act like they don’t have feelings they don’t have emotions and literally they’re just getting things done and they’re plowing through life but the reality is eights are humans too they have feelings they have a heart they just don’t want to let anybody in and so if you’re married to a Nate it’s gonna be really really challenging if they’re unhealthy to find out how do they feel what are their thinking what’s going on because they have all these walls up that doesn’t allow you to be real so when unhealthy they can be forceful insensitive or combative it’s just naturally you know just to kind of see who people are I mean when an eight walks into a room they instantly assess their and who’s the most powerful person in the room now in healthy right they acknowledge that and they figure out whether or not they can follow him when unhealthy we got to see who’s stronger we got to see who’s more powerful it always cracks me up when I walk into a room with other megachurch pastors right these are pastors that you know operate with congregations of literally thousands of thousands of people I walk into a room there’s just kind of this you know posturing that goes on and we’re all supposed to be Christians but it’s literally each other measuring and kind of checking each other out to see who’s the most powerful guy or gal in the room so when I’m healthy they’re forceful they’re insensitive they don’t care about your feelings they care about getting things done so if you have a boss that’s an unhealthy eight right they’re gonna yell at you and scream at you because you didn’t meet the deadline and they don’t care how you feel what they care about is getting the job done Circle this word combative right eighths just naturally are combative they don’t they don’t mind a little blood you know when they when they mix it up but when they’re unhealthy they look forward to this and they thrive on this and it’s like Who am I gonna fight today next this is huge especially if you are innate or you love someone that’s innate and I don’t mean this to be mean it’s just real 8r when unhealthy relationally clueless they don’t see how their personality how their words how their decision affects everybody else they just don’t nobody else exists in the room because what they want to do and how they feel and what they know is right literally everybody can be crying or upset and they don’t see it at all they’re relationally relationally clueless and so they miss the subtle nuances of people’s faces like if you tell me you’re gonna do this and my face is like like I named it doesn’t read that an AIT’s not looking at my face and it’s not you know responding to anything other than their decision and what they want done so if you love somebody that’s an eight it’s not it’s not personal it’s just a blindside of their personality they don’t see the subtle nuances of how people respond and how people work together in social situations and so an eighth one unhealthy is gonna be blind to how people are perceiving them and receiving them next eight when they’re unhealthy they don’t see the value of other people’s opinions it doesn’t matter what you think here’s the truth I don’t want to go to your dumb meeting I don’t want to be a part of this thing because I already know it’s right and your opinions are ridiculous the world would just be a better place if everybody just did what I get everybody follow me everybody listen to me everybody drive like me everybody just just do what I do and the world would be a better place so they don’t see the value of opinions and they don’t experience the opinions of others they just don’t they just don’t get it why don’t you get the truth why don’t you see the right answer and that’s how they live so let’s talk about the course innovate and if you’re an eight you know this is gonna be a little difficult to share in small group as they all are but the eights is maybe a little awkward to share when you’re amongst your friends but just know I’m gonna explain what this means so don’t freak out so here’s the course sin of the eighth it’s lust now nobody wants to share that in small group you’re gonna feel like oh my gosh I need to go to a self-help group but that’s the reality it’s lust so it can be sexual it can be an eight in the Bible that I think struggle with less immensely is Samson an incredibly powerful guy right stronger than everybody else literally filled with the Spirit of God to do all kinds of things but he’s just clueless and his sexual appetites and sexual desires make him blind all he sees is himself his own desires and ultimately his lust for a woman named Delilah brings him down you’re like when you read the story you’re like what’s it gonna take she’s already trying to kill you multiple times but he can’t see past his own sexual desires so that’s how lust for sex can bring an eighth down but usually it’s a lust for power it’s an insatiable appetite to be in control or to attain power just like I said when an eight walks into the room they’re gonna measure everybody up who’s the strongest who’s the most powerful who’s the person in the room that gets things done when an eight unhealthy they have a desire to be in control and to be in power so here’s the core need right this now the core need of the eight is to be in control now if you’re like this is not me I thought it was an eight until this point let’s maybe look at this a different way so maybe you wouldn’t say I want to be in control but what if I said this you don’t want to be controlled so I think that’s more an easier way for many eighths and and just so you know eight is the third-highest on my score and so oftentimes my wife and I will have conflict when I feel like she’s trying to control me you know when she’s trying to maybe mother me or she’s trying to you know me some advice for directions or she’s pointing out directions you know on the way home I’m like I Drive home every single day stop trying to control the way I Drive and so my eight comes out because I don’t want to be controlled and part of that’s my high seven that need to be free but the eight sees the world as literally who’s in control is it me or is it someone else now if they respect you if they believe in you if they follow you they’re gonna be okay we have healthy eights in our church that work for me and they’re great they trust me they believe in the vision they’re very very powerful the kingdom of God but when they’re unhealthy anytime you try to correct them or speak into their life they like hey you’re trying to control me you’re trying to tell me what to do and they’ll respond against that so just really really look at yourself and be honest is this an issue in my life and so often times eights are unhealthy because when they were a kid their voice wasn’t heard their opinions didn’t matter everything that they did was controlled and or micromanaged and so literally they see adulthood as a way to escape from the bonds of parenting from the bonds of control and so just so you know we’ve said this over and over again look your strategies as a child worked as a child but when you become an adult they won’t work at all as an adult matter of fact what protected you as a kid will actually destroy you as an adult so you need to take a step back and say look man I’m not in that house anymore I’m not in that home anymore you know I didn’t marry my mom I’m not in relationship with my dad my kids are very very different my boss is different see one of the things that can wreck your future is your past so you have to deal with it accept it and move forward so here’s the core fear of the 8 the 8 does not want to be exposed okay so if you’re an 8 you don’t want to go small group you don’t want to get real you might call it you know getting emotional or call it a self-help group I remember the first time I was in a small group with an 8 they just literally in the middle of our group left yep we’re done I’m done with this self-help crap just bolted everybody’s like uncomfortable and it was just weird but at the time I didn’t have a language because he was not interested in being real at all right we’re just gonna study the Bible we’re gonna talk about what’s right we’re gonna talk about good we’re gonna talk about what’s true and as soon as it went to feelings he literally got his wife and their kids and they just left and they never came back ever ever it was so weird but anyways that’s what happens if 1/8 unhealthy they don’t want to be exposed they don’t want to be real and so remember it’s that egg it’s that hard hard shell on the outside but there’s mush on the inside which is good and we’ll talk about that let’s talk about how the Challenger needs to be real okay if you’re a challenger we got to deal with the mush we got to deal with feelings and I get let’s just be honest none of us want to be exposed it’s vulnerable it feels awkward and it’s very very scary because we’ve been hurt by people we’ve been hurt in our past we’ve had people when we shared our feelings they didn’t handle it well so here’s how the Challenger needs to be real with themselves look at this first James there will be no mercy for those who have not shown mercy to others God is very declarative very real just in your face of urinate look you’re not going to receive mercy if you don’t give mercy so you don’t get extra credit points for being harsh you get extra credit points as an 8 for being tender for having mercy and being compassionate there will be no mercy for those who have not shown mercy so even when David Wright is confronted by Nathan remember what David said needed to happen to the guy who stole the lamb he said as surely as the Lord lives he must die well God doesn’t kill David he doesn’t he doesn’t destroy David he shows mercy on David who showed no mercy to Uriah the Hittite god showed mercy when David did not deserve mercy and that’s the reality for all of us we don’t deserve God’s mercy but he gives it to us anyways and so our job is to give it to others especially if we’re 1/8 there will be no mercy for those who have not shown mercy to others but if you have been merciful God will be merciful when he judges you look every single one of us we’re gonna stand before God and we’re gonna be judged for the way we lived a lot of Christians confuse Romans that says there is now therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus to be condemned is to die you are not going to die because of your sins before God but you will stand before God and be judged every single one of us will stand before the Almighty God and be judged for in Christ we won’t be condemned those of us who are not in Christ we will receive condemnation that due penalty for our sins so don’t confuse that word you’re not condemned but you will be judged you will be held accountable for your sins just as David was listen David didn’t die but maybe he wished he would have because here’s what happens God says look man I would have given you everything I would have blessed you I raised you up from nothing I’ve given you this power this strength and now here’s what’s gonna happen because you destroyed your eyes family God says I’m gonna destroy your family you took one man’s wife here’s what God says another man is gonna take all your wives so there is judgment there is judgment God was merciful but David was still judged David’s family life from that point forward was anything but blessed it was a disaster a matter of fact if you look in your Bibles the very next chapter is his son raping his daughter absolute disaster after this because David failed to follow God so there is judgment but not condemnation next how do you need to be real with others okay this is gonna be a lifelong challenge if you’re an eight you’re gonna be stronger than everybody else you’re gonna be more powerful than everybody else and and people are going to be intimidated by you so you have to really really press into this if you want to be healthy James but the wisdom from above is first of all pure it is also peace loving and gentle at all times and willing to yield to others it is full of mercy I want you to circle those words willing to yield to others here’s the thing about eight unhealthy unhealthy aids can’t stay in sales Church here’s what an unhealthy eight says well I just want to know who holds Matt Brown accountable I want to be in charge I want to be an authority and literally they don’t last so let me just say this we have a whole board to hold me accountable I’m accountable to our pastors I am accountable I’m more accountable than anybody I know I literally open my life up for people to speak in on a regular basis but here’s the thing about a healthy ate a healthy ate is willing to yield to others they’re willing to yield to people they respect they trust and they admire so as an you got to find somebody you’re willing to submit to you got to find somebody that you’re willing to follow look if you can’t do that you can’t be a Christian because you have to submit to Jesus you have to follow Jesus so there has to be something in your life that is regularly yielding to others an unhealthy way says it’s my way or the highway a healthy eight says here’s my opinion here’s what I think we should do but I am willing to listen to others and my prayer is the best decision wins the best decision okay Yeats always gonna think it’s their decision but sometimes it’s somebody else’s decision or somebody else’s idea it’s full of mercy okay you have to have mercy for the stupid people in your life you just do and there’s a lot of stupid people in your life there’s a lot of ignorant dumb people in your life and listen to me your job is not to lead and control them your job is to love them your job is to love them and to care for them and to leave them out of respect for what God’s called you to do he’s given you his power he’s given you a strength you need to use it for Christ and not for yourself next how to be real with real with God as a Nate I love this first that’s why I take pleasure in my weakness and in the insults and in the hardships and in the persecutions and in the troubles that I suffer for Christ write this down if you’re an 8 when I am weak then I am strong look if you come to soundless church you’re not gonna hear me share all the time about how I almost sin man the other day I was so close to sinning and I didn’t do it thank God I’m so strong thank God I’m so powerful that’s not the church you’ve come to we are all stronger when we share our weaknesses listen to me 8 you’re not perfect you’re not a robot you’re going to make mistakes and you need to be vulnerable you need to share your weakness it’s in those moments that you’re strong because here’s the beauty of weakness the beauty of weakness makes us dependent upon God and when I’m leaning on God then I’m strong then unpowered when I’m leaning on my own strength I can only do what I do when I lean on God I can do what he does and so an eight constantly has to come with the Lord with humble attitude with a broken spirit I need you Lord I need you be willing to share your mistakes your weaknesses share this your fears because I got to tell you something if you’re an eight no one in your community thinks you have a fear you come off not afraid of anything and the reality is you are terrified first and foremost of sharing your feelings share that be honest of you with that talk about that it’s hard for you to share a lot of times you know eights don’t think they have any sins you do you do you’re stronger than everybody else but you’re not better than everybody else so share your weaknesses start with God right first John it’s not in your notes if we claim we have no sin we are only fooling ourselves and calling God a liar if you’re an eight and you don’t think you’re broken you don’t think you’re a mess you are calling God a liar God is not a liar he is truthful and the Bible says for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God all of us in all of us do this so how on earth you leavening okay this is something that I’ve had to learn I struggle with eight eighths is my my third highest score so I I think I’m 68 I’ve been between 68 and 75 on the eighth scale and so my wife says I save all my unhealthy eight for her and I blow up and get angry or whatever so but it’s you know my highest is a three I’m like ninety ninety three ninety five seven and you know 75 eight so I do have some of this in me but it’s not all of going up so how do you love an eight number one notice when I’m tenor notice what I’m compassionate notice when I am sweet notice it and say thank you for doing that but here’s the thing with eights don’t flatter them they don’t want that they don’t want you know all kinds of complimenting they don’t they don’t want you know a bunch of lip service just say hey thank you so much for being that way the key was at 8 is be direct next number two how eliminate speak directly don’t waste your time they don’t need just a bunch of words they need to know how you feel what they think one of the things that I love about the passage is when Nathan gets done with everything reading in your Bibles it literally says you know God’s gonna judge you he’s not gonna kill you but here’s all the terrible things that are gonna happen to your family and literally when he’s done here’s what the text says and they can left he’s out he said what do you say he doesn’t need to be David’s counselor right he’s not gonna be his sole care person he literally says here’s what’s going on I’m done the Lord spoke he’s gonna judge you I’m gone so here’s how you speak to an a/b direct don’t be wishy-washy don’t be all over the place speak directly to them and this has been hard for me because I like nuance when people’s you know speak to me I like a little flattery right I’m a three oh my gosh you’re so amazing you’re so H don’t like that here’s what I need you to do here’s what I want literally you know H do really well in the military because they take orders they get orders and they they go out and they make it happen right that’s how it happens and so when you’re talking to an aide speak directly to them don’t like you know mess around with it just get to the truth and speak to it and say here’s what I want you to do you have to be declarative with a Nate next stand up for yourself here’s the thing you gotta stay with me you cannot leave any room any room at all for them to think that maybe you weren’t clear so and just so you know as a three right we tend to withhold all of the truth because we’re afraid of hurting people’s feelings if you do that with an eight they will not understand what you mean you have to say here’s the decision this is how it’s gonna be and I’m not changing can you follow me you have to be clear okay so if you’re raising an eight you just say here’s how it is you don’t like it too bad we’re not changing as a Nate’s gonna challenge the rules you got to stand up for yourself but here’s the thing here’s how you earn an eight soil tea stand up for them when they’re right man people not may not like it but man a lot of times they’re right and so you stand up for them you say hey I may not agree with how they said it but the reality is they’re right and we all need to get this job done we need to get to work we need to be more real we need to read our Bibles or whatever it is that the eight is confronting people on cuz they don’t you know always hold people’s hearts well you know Nathan’s not really interested in David’s heart he’s interested in a sin so boom he speaks to that but you got to know the Bible the Word of God agrees with Nathan yep David what you did was wrong and so here’s what we do sometimes when a Nate speaks is we want to talk about their approach rather than whether or not what they’re saying is right so when what they’re saying is right you know David you slept with Bathsheba that was your rise wife you had your ride the Hittite killed and that is wrong here’s what the Bible says it’s evil we all need to say yep that was evil that was wrong you shouldn’t have done that so we have this and up for them in that moment next this is huge with eights don’t assume I meant to be hurtful don’t assume that when they speak directly when they’re powerful when they’re strong oftentimes they’re simply trying to be clear and it hurt hurts everybody else’s feelings don’t assume that was their intent and so here’s the thing that I always try to talk about what eights is remember their hearts remember their calling remember their passion you just got to understand that God’s made them strong God’s made them powerful you know they’re meant to be linebackers they tackle people they tackle problems they tackle issues and so sometimes you know when you get tackled that hurts so that wasn’t their intent they’re trying to get a job done make something happen be clear stand up for what’s good right and true and so just know yeah maybe the way they said it hurt your feelings but just say I want to know your heart I want to know your heart oh I want to understand you and the fact that what you what you’re trying to say is for my own good that you’re trying to speak up for what’s good right and true and they’re not always maybe as tactful as you would be but here’s the reality we’re not gonna be as direct as they are and so we need a lot more directness we need a lot more clarity in our society today because so many people tell us what we want to hear eight tell us what we need to hear and if it’s not for Nathan David doesn’t repent David doesn’t get his life right with God David doesn’t confess his sins and thank God he does because of Nathan’s confrontation one of my favorite verses in the Bible is written Psalms 51 for against you and only you Lord have I sinned and then David talks about cleanse me from my sin renew the right heart within me don’t take your Holy Spirit from me one of the most beautiful passages of scriptures David’s heart is exposed because David’s sin was confronted and so this is the beautiful beautiful role of the eighth the eighth speaks truth when no one else will so let’s love our age so let’s thank God for the challenges in our life because we need to be challenged if we’re not challenged we won’t grow so I’ve written for you just a prayer for the aged and I just want to close this time with prayer for all of us and again we need to love the eights we need to appreciate the eights and we need to thank God for the eights so let’s just bow our heads and close our eyes and let’s just say this prayer if you’re an eight pray this with me in your own heart in your own mind god help me to rely on you and not just my instincts help me to find strong people that will be direct with me but also see my heart and my intentions God helped me to show my weaknesses and to experience the true strength that comes from You Heavenly Father I’m so grateful for the eighth’s that are in our lives Lord these strong men and women who speak up for the truth Lord who stand for what is right who want to see justice in unjust world God we are thankful for them god we pray that as they have a passion for justice they would have a passion for tenderness and mercy and God that she would give them just a humility Lord to go along with their incredible strength we’re so thankful Lord for the eighth’s in our life Lord bless them and Lord bring more of them to us because they protect us Lord when we cannot be strong for ourselves we love them Lord and we pray this in Jesus name

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