The Enneagram Personality Test | Is it Real?

Hi there, so before we get too deep into this video I want to make a little bit of a disclaimer about my thoughts on most personality quizzes or things very similar to this. Most of the time Most of the time, I don’t really agree. Like, whenever I meet someone that’s really into horoscopes It kind of freaks me out a bit because I’m like “Why?” Maybe that’s because of like the logical math side of me that’s kind of very cynical about that thing because I’m like “Why do you think that my behavior would have been caused due to the month I was born?” There’s 0% science in that, like 0.

In that regard, I cannot respect it I cannot understand and I think it’s fun to think about if you’re someone that’s like, “Oh you know…” It’s cool being like “Oh I’m a virgo. This is how I am.” That’s all right, that’s fine. But if you’re like, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe he did that. Classic Capricorn.” I’m like, unless that’s ironic I don’t know what you do. Mostly because I know like when you read the newspaper and it says like what your star sign means They’re basically just cold readings. Everyone is essentially the same, you can agree with all of them. Now I can say that and you’ll go “No, but this one is the most me!” Like I said, that’s fine As long as it’s fun for you, I don’t really care. Do what you want to do. Now, here I go I’m gonna just poo poo on this and then I’m going to talk about another one and be like “Now this one.” Now obviously, I’m not fully invested in this one.

I just think it’s an interesting concept as well This is the Enneagram. If you’ve never heard of it, the Enneagram was developed by some guys somewhere That’s all the information I’ll give you about that The essential premise of the Enneagram is that there are nine distinct personality types and human beings will always fall within one of these nine with their prime motivations being distinct. What I like about this one a lot Is that even though you might feel like “ooh, this number kind of suits me but this one does as well a little bit” you will slightly feel, at least most people I know, that you do have one prime motivator where you’re like “But this is still my biggest motivation, like this is the one that suits me the most” and then when you read more about it, you’re like “Ah You know what that does make sense.” Now, there’s a lot of websites out there that offer to give you an Enneagram test There are ones that you can pay for, if you just have money that you’re like “I don’t know, could burn it or I could spend it on an Enneagram test.” Or you could just take a free one.

Okay, there’s long ones and there’s short ones. Today I’m gonna be taking a short one because ya boy doesn’t need that watch time that bad, right? I value your time. The long one, if you want to take it, has much more in depth questions with like much more Difficult like “ooh, what would you do in this situation?” You’re like, “I don’t know.” Well pick an answer! It’s probably a better detailed one, but I think I’m I think I know what I’m gonna be sorted into for the Enneagram So I’m gonna go for the quick. Before we get into the quiz I think it’s a good idea to go over the possible results that I can have Those are the numbers from 1 to 9: the personality traits. The number one is the Reformer. The reformer is someone who’s like prime Motivation is like integrity, having that integrity in their life. Ones have a very strong sense of right and wrong, and they would hate to be corrupt, like their prime motivation is just making sure they are a true person with a lot of integrity.

And Obviously if you’re watching this you’re like, *pff* “Now Evan. Did you see that video you made three weeks ago?” I actually don’t know what I made, I was proud of it. So, hush it up man! But no, I don’t feel like I’m a 1 either. Now when it comes to the next one I’ve had a couple friends sort me to this one so much They were like, “Oh Evan that’s such a 2 thing of you to do” and I say, “Excuse me! What did you say *two* me?” They’re like, “That’s a pun?” I’m like, yeah Just let me have this. Anyway, number two is the Helper The helper is someone who’s prime motivation is to be loved. And a two’s basic fear is being Unwanted or unworthy of being loved. That one I feel like might also be me Like I’ve had people sort me to this and I feel like you know, it does suit me I am very much like that. The positives of the two are they can be very friendly and People-pleasing and a lot of people may enjoy their presence because they’re always very nice However, on a negative day, a 2 can be doing things not just to be nice, but for the reciprocation So, instead of just being nice to you because I like you, I’m being nice to you because I want that reciprocation so much because My fear of being unloved or unwanted and my desire is to be loved So that’s an interesting concept when it comes to the 2.

The three is the Achiever, the one that wants to feel valuable and worthwhile. At the end of the day They want to like leave a legacy behind. They want to be remembered and to have things that they’ve made and be successful. If you think of a 3, you think success, that drive for success I know a lot of people with that personality type and I got to say they’re very e*three*al Ethreeal?…It works. Okay, that’s a pretty classy plan. If you’re ready to hear the next one is, what are you waiting *four*? I’m getting to it. It’s four, the Individualist. This is the person that they just want to feel special They want to be unique and individualistic in every thing they do. A four’s basic fear is insignificance, and they will strive to avoid that at all costs. At their best they can be very creative and can make a whole name for themselves and feel very unique and special They’re worse though, 4’s can be way too focused on their self-image and that can hurt them, overall.

The five is the Investigator This is the type of person that goes well out of the way to get new information They are very curious people and if they want to try and come to a conclusion they will research everything they can about the situation before making the decision. A five’s basic desire is to be capable and competent, whereas their Basic fear is to be useless. So a 5’s main goal there is to provide use and use their brain for good Basically. If the sorting hat sorted people into Enneagrams, I believe most Ravenclaws would probably suit themselves into 5 Next up is a six. The six is the Loyalist. Their basic desire is security and support and they will be striving for that at all times Like I said, even though you might be like, “Oh, well everyone really wants security. Why would this be a unique thing?” Yes But this person, who ever gets sorted into a 6, that is their main motivator. Like, no matter what else is going on Yes, everyone wants to be loved, everyone wants to maybe have control of a situation and likes new information But this person, the six, their prime motivation is that stability They want to be sure they are safe at all times Sixes are very hardworking individuals and they’re the type of person that will gladly ask for directions Because that will just help them out in the end and increase their level of security.

Their basic fear is not having that support, though And feeling like they’re alone. The seven is the Enthusiast, often very playful and spontaneous Sometimes they can be described as scattered because they have so many different things they’re trying to do at the same time and they’re just trying to have a good time, really. A seven’s basic desire is to feel satisfied, whereas their fear is being deprived. When you think about People that are champions of freedom and stuff, the 7 really comes on strong there because their number one thing is like, freedom. They want to be free to do anything they want, basically. Seven is one of those numbers where I do feel like I hypothetically Could be sorted into, only because I do fit many of its characteristics. I am a bit scattered I am doing too many things at the same time and I always like, lose track of whatever I’m doing and A lot of times I do try and do too much and try and maximize my levels of happiness So if I get sorted into that, I wouldn’t really be too surprised.

But there are some where I’m like, “That’s not very 7 I’m not very 7.” Next up is eight, the Challenger This is a very dominating personality type. This person wants to be in control of their lives, at all times They’re definitely not someone that believes in horoscopes or, I don’t even know if an 8 would believe in predestination or any type of religious thing because they are so reliant on themselves. An eight’s basic fear would be to have someone else in any Way controlling their life, like they need to be in full control at all times. Oftentimes 8’s can come off as confrontational intimidating because they’re so involved with dominating their own lives this often spills over into others.

And lastly is the nine, the Peacemaker. The one whose main desire in life is to make sure there is no confrontation and they have inner peace within themselves This is a very rare personality type, at least in my friend groups. I don’t know many people that would consider themselves nines I mean, I definitely exemplify some of these bits, like I hate confrontation and in situations like that I will try and diffuse in any way I can. However, I don’t have much inner peace I don’t think that’s the type of person I am I don’t meditate as much as the next guy. I don’t think that out of all the basic desires there are in the world, mine would be inner peace. That’s definitely not mine. Now originally in this video I had planned on taking a test on camera, as you can see from the video behind me However in the edit, I figured it wasn’t really the most interesting or engaging content I mean, the only interesting question was: are you indecisive or decisive? It is funny.

If you’re really indecisive, you can’t really choose, but besides that wasn’t the most interesting So instead of doing that because I value your time Like I said, I don’t think the content was that interesting I decided to reach out to my friend and local Enneagram expert, Dodie To talk about my results with her and what she thinks of the Enneagram. Let’s go to her house Alright Dodie, so I showed you my results. I got a 7 on the quick test. Do you think I’m a 7? Dodie (D): Well, Evan, it depends. I can’t tell you that. Do you think you’re a seven? Evan(E): I definitely think I have seven qualities Yes, you can take a Enneagram test online and it actually said specifically on the answer, the test, This is just an indicator, but it doesn’t actually mean what you are What you are is the one that if you research all of them, you find your prime motivator to be the strongest.

D: Yes Yeah, like tests can’t tell you who you are You have to find out. Describe yourself at your most unhealthy. E: At my most unhealthy, I could just think of being angry D: Interesting. E: I don’t get angry much but the, the time I’d imagine myself being most unhealthy is if I was angry D: You’re taking on the unhealthy qualities of being an 8. That means you’re being frustrated because of the lack of control. E: Yes D: Okay, describe yourself at healthiest E: In social interactions, people appreciate my presence. And, I’m contributing and uh, if I leave the social engagement, I’ll go “I left a good impression.

Everything was fine. And I didn’t say anything too stupid” D: Well, that could be a “4” thing because you’re trying to be likable. That’s a very 4 trait You want to be someone who has a significant identity and some..but I don’t know E: Yeah, I mean I do get the significant identity, but of a 4, only because like for instance I went to my friend’s birthday party the other day and four or five people there were taller than me and I felt really uncomfortable and I, like, I didn’t belong anymore? Like usually it’s like, “Oh Evan, he’s that tall guy” I was no longer the tall guy, there was so many other taller people, so I didn’t know who I was I almost lost my place and it was very…I got thrown off confidence. I got thrown off of everything It was like, who am I right now? If I’m around someone that’s like ultimately, so much funnier than me It also throws me off and I quiet, and I don’t know what to say because usually it’s like “I’m a funny person” We’re around someone else.

I’m like, “Oh no, they’re the funny person” I’m…no one D: If we were to link that back to being a 2, that would mean You aren’t needed. You aren’t needed, as the tall… E: Yeah, I wouldn’t I’m needed as the tall guy D: Ya know! E: D: Where is my place in this situation? E: Right. Dodie’s a 4 D: I’m a 4, and I know I’m a 4 because I, I don’t know. It just it fits so well with me I just figure out that everything I do boils down to me needing this significant identity or trying to be special, like, thinking I’m different.

As before, in my health I moved to a one. So I become, and I’ve noticed that me at my healthiest is usually me and my work, I become very Like, principled but in a good way and perfectionistic and like let’s make this work Let’s get this right. In my unhealthiest age, which tends to be me, uh me in relationships I tend to Take on the unhealthy traits over to, become very needy. All in all, if you take someone and ask them a bunch of questions and they answer in a similar way, you’ll get to find out what their basic need is anyway, regardless of whether E: Yea, that’s a good point // D: the Enneagram is true or not anything it just gets people talking about themselves and what they need, and what they like.

And then you kind of figure out who they are anyway, so it’s just a fun way It could all be bullshit But I mean people who tend to be controlling tend to move in a certain direction in stress, in health, anyway And someone just ages ago like researched that and found… E: So, it’s fun, it’s not necessarily fake It’s not necessarily real, but it’s fun to think about and it’s useful to kind of talk about other people’s motivations and where they’re going D: And learn about yourself, as well E: Yeah, so I’m happy to be a 2 or if for some reason I’m a 7, like I said I do feel more 2 than 7, but I’m okay with either one and you’re a happy 4 D: Yeah E: If you’re happy for this video, then you know, do what you do with videos E: If you liked it // D: Oh, that was tenuous.

That was tenuous E: There’s only nine in the Enneagram not ten, but thank you for watching everyone I hope I will see you next week for a special sketchy video with my boy Luke I’ll see you next week. Bye bye. There we go. We did it D: // E: Thanks. D: Do you fall back? E: I’ve stopped falling back after I got a back on my chair E: I’ll just delete. Oh, I have your memory card, by the way. I know you’ve probably been looking for it You, you accidentally let me borrow it without as… .

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